Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It was a warm and sunny day

I tried hard to make this blog into another bleeding heart diary I always come across but I guess it's another one of those inevitable things that just happen. Like how accidents happen when you're rolling around in the city. There are times, after having a few, I rip around traffic like I'm invincible and nothing could ever happen, pulling off the stupidest moves just to cut out a few seconds and I get away without so much as a second thought as to what could have happened. Then there are times when you could be the most careful grandma rider and throw down all those gay signals and wear a million LED's on your body and bike that you look like a retarded Christmas tree on wheels and poof... some jackass text messaging on his Blackberry plows right into you going for a parking spot in front of a fire hydrant. Such is the ballet of life. But I digress. My ambition to publish a blog slightly more alternative that the existing ones stemmed from absolute naivety but still I tried and now I'm sucking on my proverbial foot as I try and justify the development from alternative to mundane and standard. Oh well. Who actually cares anyway?

I visited my roommate who was at work in his office downtown after receiving news that he had gotten run over by a car swerving into a parking spot on Adelaide. His front rim was totaled but lucky for him I had a spare and was looking for an excuse to roll around. Needless to say on a day when it peaks 19 degrees Celsius I didn't really need an excuse and so I was happy to liberate him from his mechanical woes. I took a little detour to the Eaton Center (big mistake) and picked up a new phone because my current one had stopped working. Ironically enough, and I'm sure many of you can relate this frustrating but hilarious scenario, it started to work again when I was explaining my woes to the sales lady. Long story short, I walked away with a Blackberry. I've entered a new low. Not only can I write emails on the go, but I can keep myself updated with Facecrack as it comes with a handy application that doesn't charge you extra for using it. I smell absolute market research coverage. But that's a whole different issue.

When I finally got down to my roommate's office he was waiting outside for me and I gave him the wheel and had a curious itch to satisfy. It's been a while since I've stepped into an office setting and so I reluctantly followed him into the building to see what it was like inside. The first thing that hit me was the smell of bleach and other such institutional sterility products, like cologne and beigeness. I spent a total of maybe 10 minutes in the joint and witnessed such sad, and joyless colors, fading away in a swarm of florescent buzzing. I wished I could pull the fire alarm and flush them all out into the warm breeze I was just struggling against outside but alas, more Blackberries needed to paid off, more Yaris' needed to be purchased.

I guess I could be jealous of the amount of money they were doing for more cerebrally enlightened work (what they actually do in this case isn't important), but definitely not on a day like today. But who am I kidding? I want the same end result but I just don't have the same requisites to get to that point quicker. I'm not retarded, I just don't want my soul sucked out of me. Kudos to you all who can maintain. I applaud you, I really do. I actually know some of you who go though that every day and can still take the piss. How long until the next beautiful day?

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