Thursday, January 3, 2008

Celine Dion Still Sucks

There's such animosity being thrown around lately and I think much of it is due to the fact that we are running out of ways to define ourselves in an original manner. The role of an artist, for example, was once thought of to be an outsider of society who looked in and painted images in the way he regarded it. That very synopsis (if you can call it that) is now considered cliche (for lack of a better word) purely on the fact that it is perpetuated by so-called individuals who make it a conscious point to adhere to that given stereotype. Now we find ourselves defining an identity by virtue of something we are not.

My musical tastes are more refined because I don't listen to Celine Dion.

So you qualify your essence based on a the subversion of an easy target. Good job. So what the hell does that mean? What does that say about you? That you don't have poor taste in music? So what? Not everyone likes the same thing so you're a fucking moron for liking that and you're not? If that's the case there must be millions of fucking morons running around the world because that's how many people bought her album. I was also privy to the line of thinking that the world is full of idiots with bad taste in music and what that meant was that the world is also full of idiots making stupid decisions regarding things that matter like say, driving and SUV or stuffing their mouth pieces with bat-anus big macs and throwing our world into the pisser. You get to a point where you can just start to hate everyone and everything that moves because HEY FUCKING WAKE UP: NO ONE THINKS LIKE YOU! You're SOOO unique and if you buy these clothes, read this magazine, and eat this shit you're proving to everyone you're not THEM. God no! You're the one of the cool people, you wear DIESEL and so you must be helping the environment.

You see what just happened there?

On the flip side our interweb crazed society has allowed for many people to make more informed choices about their lifestyle. We can choose to be conscious about our actions because we are granted the luxurious (which it shouldn't be) information of the processes involved. We aren't easily fooled by marketing ploys and don't just blindly eat the shit that get constantly thrown at us. But my point is that we still ridicule the ones we see as not enlightened. I use the word 'enlightened' because I'm trying to illustrate the point that it's absolutely just as detrimental to continue the 'othering' of those we see fit as ignorant. If we're so 'enlightened' then it's our job to spread the gospel. So to speak. We're going to lead by example. Follow us into the new form of mainstream and don't be afraid of being there. The line of rationale that promotes these false virtues would eventually propel us to a point where we revert back to stone-age mind sets that subverts anything and everything for the sake of that itself.

Dude, Celine Dion sucks balls man.

Yeah totally. Let's just watch these three hot chicks barely play their instruments while they drone on in bad poetry and sayings in different languages we don't understand.

Yeah man. That's art.


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