Thursday, April 10, 2008

I usually start my workdays at Morning Glory where they've just recently opened up the patio out back. It's a small breakfast/lunch joint that's run by Jacki, Doug, and James in Corktown (conveniently located next to a methadone clinic, talk about a one stop shop). I still get excited over the little variations that are put in front of me in the mornings (and by mornings I usually mean noon) because no matter what it says on the menu, everyone adds their own flair to the menu's already unique combinations. Unique may be a slight exaggeration but things are definitely made fresh which, I must point out, is unusually rare in this city. Bleh.

Today Keef came in with a damn rad ride. He does custom jobs on just about anything but he shines especially on Vespa scooters. This is an example of some of his handy work.
Note: His signature off center license-place marks (the white patches).

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