Sunday, September 21, 2008

Have beer, will travel in the city of romance and heartbreak

St. Ambroise has a limited-time-only beer called the Great Pumpkin Ale that Liz found in a specialty grocery store in the Jean Talon market in Montreal and I must say, it's worth mentioning. Who knew hops and barley could live in harmony with the flavours of a pumpkin pie? Toronto, you're missing out.

In other news, some recent drama (that for once I was not involved in) has inspired me to verbalize how fortunate I am to have met a certain someone.



Amber said...

oh, i mean, it's great that you've found someone in the city of heartbreak and all, but lets get something important out here: St Ambroise fucking rocks.... and for all you fruity beer haters (myself included), get yo' ass to the Beer Store and buy the apricot ale.
and then some pumpkin to chase it...

hells ya.


Ian Crombie said...

yo dude, i'm pretty sure i had this beer at barrio last winter. an excellent broo

Evan said...

yeah man was drinking that shit by the pint at magpie

fuckin bomb