Saturday, October 25, 2008

Belated Turkey Day Photos (it was that good)

Ok, I know this is like two weeks late but I couldn't let it pass.

Liz was in town and we hooked up the Rusholme Ruffians for some Turkey Day eats. Paul thankfully saddled up to the helm and took control of the situation because if he didn't, there might have been a front page story featuring your heroes on Brock Ave due to my ambitions for a deep-fried Turkey Day.

The result was a masterfully executed feast with assistance from all sides and characters, including the ones that showed up to help eat and serve.

On the menu was (I can't remember exactly but this was the jist of it):

Cream of cauliflower soup with roasted garlic with fried sage leaves(sage pictured, soup not pictured)

Roasted butternut squash risotto with amaretti

Celery root mash with roasted garlic and mascarpone (not pictured)

Liz' special homemade cranberry sauce (which I found out was insanely easy to do)

Strawberry rhubarb pie

Steigls all around

and finally...

A 15 lbs turkey with pancetta and stuffing place in between the breast and skin resulting in a evenly cooked bird that fell apart when we tried to move it from the roasting pan.

With the exception of the turkey itself everything was vegetarian friendly and itis-inducing.

Thanks all!!

But I still want a deep-fried turkey god dammit!

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